Spring 2018

Due to recent cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. Even a glimmer of hope is unlikely.

Six years ago I was optimistic.

Manitoba was seen as a leader in support for family caregivers. We had the first Caregiver Recognition Act in Canada which stated that "Support for caregivers should be timely, responsive, appropriate and accessible."

We knew what was coming. The 2015 Conference Board of Canada report Future Care for Canadian Seniors: A Status Quo Forecast confirms our fears.


  • Between 2011 and 2026, Canadians seniors requiring paid and unpaid continuing care supports is projected to increase by 71 per cent.
  • Total spending on continuing care supports for seniors across all provinces is projected to increase (along with inflation) from $28.3 billion in 2011, to $62.3 billion in 2026 and to $177 billion in 2046.
  • By 2046, it is estimated that 458,000 seniors could express unmet or under met needs—up substantially from the current estimate of about 200,000.
  • The reliance on unpaid caregivers and volunteers to provide continuing care supports will grow dramatically.
We were putting supports in place:

2016 Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat 

Today I am not so hopeful. Supports for seniors and caregivers are declining rather than increasing. 

2018 Manitoba Seniors and Healthy Aging  
Note: The Caregiver Advisory Committee and the Manitoba Council on Aging have been eliminated.

2018 - Manitoba Institute For Patient Safety
The government will no longer participate in its governance. Its funding is to be reduced over the next two (2) years by $400,000.00, or 2/3 of its annual operating budget. This reduction means operations of MIPS would need to be drastically reduced, and perhaps be discontinued, unless it can find other sources of funding. 

April Workshop

Thursday, April 26,  5:30 - 9:00 pm
Bronx Park Community Centre, 720 Henderson Hwy
Register in advance:  204-669-1710

Help for Family Caregivers

“ I don't know where to find help, who to ask or even what to ask." 

Are your parents aging and needing more help?  Are you supporting an aging friend or family member? Do you work with seniors and their families? Take away a toolbox full of information, tips and local resources. 
"I just wanted to thank you. The information you have collected and prepared is invaluable.    For me, it was also a place of support.  It was comforting to know others are in the same position and in need of support too. " Presentation Attendee