Canadian Caregivers: The Statistics

From (2008). Eldercare: What we know today. Canadian Social Trends , Statistics Canada

Caregiving impacts the caregiver, the senior receiving assistance as well as family, friends and even government, as families and friends strive to find ways to support not only seniors who receive care but the caregivers who provide it.
There are 2.7 million Canadian caregivers over age 45. This is an increase of 670,000 in 5 years. Of these caregivers 1 in 4 are over 64. The average length of care being provided by those aged 45-64 is 5.4 years. for those over 65 the average is 6.5 years. Ten percent of caregivers have been providing care for more than 13 years.1 in 5 provide care to seniors living in care facilities.                                                 

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