Hoarding? A Remembrance Day Story

Jack, an 84 year old veteran, has 12 lawn chairs on his apartment balcony. His small apartment is overcrowded but he can't bring himself to throw anything out. Jack is not a hoarder. His story may shine a light on why some elderly people agonize over what stays and what goes.
Jack had an aneurysm 10 years ago and as a result lost his memory. As his health improved
he had to relive the deaths of his parents and his wife. It took months to recall to directions from home to familiar landmarks.
He tells me that all the objects in his apartment hold memories for him. He cannot bear to lose even one memory again.

Although Jack's experience was exceptionally traumatic, memory loss is a frightening prospect for seniors. Fond, even vague, memories can add immense value to seemingly useless items.

If you're helping a senior down-size, try choosing some items as gifts to friends or family and give some things to charity. Take photographs and make a memory album. Call it Gone But Not Forgotten.

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