Who Knew?

Some of the most valuable advice comes from other caregivers in the program.

For example, after several years of taking her mom to the Assiniboine Clinic for a monthly blood test, one caregiver discovered that her mom could have the test at home. Her doctor simply approved a home visit and for $30 the lab came to her. What a break in those winter months when she had such trouble getting around. Who knew?

Who knew that incontinence products were a tax deduction? All you need is a prescription from the doctor.

Who knew that hospital doctors will change a patient's prescriptions without consulting or notifying the family? Be sure to ask about medication changes.

Who knew that a visit to the eye doctor would result in the need for eye drops 4 times a day starting immediately? Home care takes time to arrange. Call ahead to ask if a treatment will require advance planning.

Who knew there were options for tenant insurance? If you parent moves to a retirement residence, you may choose a regular tenant policy, an assisted living policy or add your parent's possessions as a rider on our home policy. Even if your parent is in a personal care home you may add their possessions (eye glasses, TVs, dental plates) as a rider on your insurance. Talk to your insurance broker.

Who knew that family doctors do not have a complete list of patients’ prescriptions if they have other doctors prescribing for them? Only pharmacists can access the Drug Programs Information Network (DPIN).

Who knew that most caregivers in Manitoba are now eligible for a $1020 tax credit under the Manitoba Primary Caregiver Tax Credit? This may be claimed back to January 1, 2009.

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  1. I'm so glad this site has been put up. My mother has been suffering from dementia for many years. She's 96 and lives with me. However, after all of this time, I didn't know I could get a prescription for sanitary napkins. As it happens, I'm taking my mother to the doctor today so... thanks very very much. Those things are getting really expensive.