Caregiving Costs Caregivers

Family caregivers in Canada make significant contributions our health system and our economy.
Just look at some of the statistics.
      The percentage of home care provided by informal caregivers (family and friends)
      to seniors living in the community. Another 30% of services are provided to seniors
      living in institutions.
$5-6 billion
      The amount of unpaid labour informal caregivers provide to our health system.
5.4 - 13 years
       Average years devoted to caregiving
  • Ages 45-64 average 5.4 years of caring
  • Ages 65+ average 6.5 years of caring
  • 10% of all caregivers have been caring for 13 years or more
16% - 27%
     Employed caregivers sacrifice work, family and holidays
  • 27% of women and 14% of men had to change work patterns
    (i.e. working split shifts, leaving early and making up time)
  • 18.7% cancelled holiday plans
  • 16.3% spent less time with children
    The estimated annual average out-of-pocket expenses incurred by
    unpaid caregivers according to Statistics Canada
    The percentage of participants in a national survey who found their ability
    to save for retirement had decreased because of caregiving obligations
3x greater
    Stress levels of those caring for persons with dementia as compared to
    those caring for people with other chronic diseases.
    Depression is nearly twice as common.
   The hours of informal care for people with dementia in 2008.
   Expected to increase to 756 million by 2038.

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