Caregiving Costs Business

   The Canadian cost of absenteeism due to caregiving responsibilities is between $1-$4 billion.
   US businesses are losing $33 billion in productivity because of issues faced by their
   caregiver employees.
Canadian businesses have comparable losses.
   More than 25% of caregivers have quit, retired or experienced other job changes as
   a result of their caregiving obligations.

Further impacts on employed caregivers
  • 27% of women and 14% of men changed work patterns
    (leaving early, making up time, working split shifts.)
  • 16% of women and 15% of men reduced work hours
  • 3.5% turned down a job or promotion
  • 4.4% postponed education/training programs
Cost Effective Support
       Support for caregivers in the workplace is a cost-effective solution. Employed caregivers
constantly juggle the time-consuming tasks of locating care services and navigating complex
health and social systems with workplace responsibilities.Bringing information, resources and
navigation strategies to caregivers in their workplace is a logical way to reduce absenteeism
and increase productivity. The estimated return on every $1 employers spend supporting
caregivers is $3 to $14.

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