Caregivers Lost in Space

As caregivers, we see our parent's doctor as the logical first contact to getting an appropriate assessment of our elderly parents needs: failing memory, difficulty living alone, poor judgment. Many doctors view these as social issues not health issues and therefore not within their expertise. We are stunned when the doctor fails to help us. We feel shut out; lost in space. We've fallen into that void between the health system and social services. Eventually, a crisis takes our parent to a hospital emergency or urgent care ward. Costly crisis care is an expensive substitute for failing to educate caregivers and family doctors.

Tip:  Caregivers can call the Winnipeg Geriatrics Program Central Intake Line: 982-0140. The Geriatrics Team will assess age-related physical and mental problems of persons over the age of 65 years and recommend a treatment plan.  You do not need to be referred by a doctor.

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