Alzheimer /Dementia Communication Strategies

Conversations with our parents change when they suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia. Julie Donaldson, of Home Instead Senior Care has these valuable tips to effective communication:
Avoiding distractions and noise
Keeping things simple
Avoiding yes or no questions
Being patient and not interrupting
Maintaining eye contact and showing interest
Not taking it personally
Using props and cues to increase recognition
Remaining Calm
Communication is the key to helping one with Alzheimer/Dementia, however there are many things that we can do to help ease them through the daily activities that become increasingly more challenging.
Limit Choices – Having fewer options makes deciding easier
Involve them as much as possible – Set-up successful accomplishments each day
Allow more time – Providing simple one-step instructions and allowing more time
Plan your loved one Schedule wisely –Determine what time of the day your loved one functions the best
Establish Routine – Routines make the day less confusing
Maintain Flexibility - Be flexible and adapt daily routines as necessary
Relax your standards – You shouldn’t worry about the way things should be done
The progression of Alzheimer/Dementia is different for everyone, a once calm demure person may become agitated, a social person may become disengaged and reclusive. The most important thing to remember as a caregiver is not to take it personally and to reach out to the programs and services available through support groups such as Rupert's Land Caregiver Services or the Alzheimer Society.

About Julie Donaldson
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Home Instead Senior Care is Canada’s trusted provider of non-medical services to seniors. One of the most important services we provide is Alzheimer /Dementia Care. Our specialized training program focuses on engaging our clients through mental and physical stimulation. In order to do this our CAREGivers must be able to effectively communicate with their clients.

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