Elderland: What Next?

It takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to care for an aging parent with dementia. This time though, it's an unfamiliar village. Seemingly overnight you can find yourself transported into the heart of Elderland.
Often the situation is critical and your needs are urgent. You need a basic understanding of housing options, home care, health care, social services and powers of attorney. You need supports now. Resources in the community are disjointed and uncoordinated.
You ask directions. You encounter the frustrating “dead ends” of the bureaucratic maze.  You try to maneuver around the road blocks of  "I Don't Know", "I'm Not Listening", "We Don't Have the Resources", "I'm Going To Talk Over Your Head", "I Won't Even try to Get It Right the First Time", "It Can't Be Done", and "To Leave a Message Push..." MY BUTTONS!
You are not going where "no man has gone before". You are going where many have gone before but still there is no map. Like those before you, you begin reinventing the wheel.
Your parent’s illness is in driver’s seat. What’s around the corner? You will not see it coming. What next? You cannot know.
I cannot tell you “What Next?” but I hope to give you many answers to “Where Next?” where to find support, information, resources and strategies. I hope to empower you with the information and support you need to navigate the complex systems and issues involved in caring for an aging parent.

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