A Toolkit for Manitoba Patients

Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety's Safe to Ask program encourages all Manitobans, along with their doctors, nurses and pharmacists, to discuss three simple questions:

1. What is my health problem?
2. What do I need to do?
3. Why do I need to do this?

It’s Safe to Ask has a simple but powerful message that patient safety can be improved when patients understand the answers to these questions.

“Research shows that patients and family members often report difficulty in communicating with their doctors and a lack of patient-friendly tools. Increasing patients’ understanding can make health discussions more effective and can contribute to reducing healthcare errors,” said Laurie Thompson, Executive Director of MIPS. “It’s Safe to Ask uses three key questions to promote an open, trusting relationship where discussions with health providers are encouraged and supported.”

I encourage you to explore the Safe To Ask Self Advocacy Toolkit. The SAFE toolkit has information, tips and resources that can help people learn to be more involved in their healthcare. This site includes the valuable It's Safe to Ask Medication Card as well as the following information:

Know Your Patient Rights                                     Prepare for Surgery
Choose Your Patient Advocate                              Prevent Falls
Know Your Healthcare Plan                                   Know The Process when Harm Happens
Access Your Medical Records                               Know The Patient Safety Contacts
Talk with Your Doctor                                            Know The Steps in Stating Your Concerns
Work with Your Pharmacist                                   Know Some Patient Safety Definitions
Prepare Your Stay in Hospital


  1. An informed patient can make better and wiser decisions when it comes to his health care. It's great that this program aims for that.

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