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  • A Personal Care Home Booklet provides information about paneling, and personal care homes in Manitoba. Download it here the complete booklet or the section on the Paneling Process. Also available from you local RHA.

We Need to Talk to Mom

It’s hard to face the uncomfortable truth that a loved one needs more care than they can safely receive in the community. When is it “time” to pursue long term care in a Personal Care Home (PCH)? Differing opinions are common, and at times there is no “right” answer. Here are a few considerations:

*Involve your loved one in the discussion whenever possible:  NEVER PROMISE not to panel a loved one as no one can predict what challenges life may bring. Needing to panel a loved one when there is no other recourse can be especially devastating to those who’ve made a promise they simply can’t keep.

*Hope for the best, but plan for the worst: Encourage your loved one to assign a Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney to ensure their values and wishes are carried out. If it’s uncomfortable for you to bring up this issue, ask someone they respect to help with the discussion.

*Avoid planning in a state of crisis: If your loved one has a progressive illness that may make long term care necessary, get out and tour a few housing options (including PCH) with your loved one well in advance.

*Measure risks: I’ve spoken to seniors who insist the only way they’ll leave their home is “boots first”. Are there ways to minimize the risk so they can continue living in the community? Are risks so great that no amount of support will be enough?

With an ever-burgeoning number of older adults requiring placement, it is highly unlikely that someone who doesn’t need it will pass panel.  If your loved one meets criteria, and if placement is recommended, then it is time to sit mom down and start planning.

Tanis Newsham MSW, RSW
Principal Consultant - ElderMaps
ElderMaps provides private elder case management. Services include advanced care planning, system negotiation, map development (care planning), family mediation and much more.

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  1. Knowing what help is available and how to access it, helps to better the lives of the caregivers and the parents depending on them.