Paneling FAQ

1. What is paneling?
    Paneling is Manitoba’s approval process for admission to Supportive Housing or a
    Personal Care Home (PCH).
2. Who makes the decisions?
    Usually the Home Care Case Coordinator starts the paneling process. In the
    hospital, the team of health professionals on the ward make the decision. The completed
    application is sent to the Panel Review Board for approval.
3. When - is it time? 
    When a loved one needs more care than they can safely receive in the community
4. How - does the process work?
    Click here to see a diagram of the paneling process
5. How long will we have to wait?
    Wait lists can vary from weeks, to months and even years. It depends on the home you chose.
6. How many choices can I make?
    You will be asked to make one choice, your “Preferred” personal care home.  If your loved
    one needs to be placed before a bed is available in your preferred PCH, you’ll be asked to
    make an Alternate choice.
7. Can I say not now?
    Yes, but you may lose your panel date.
8. Can dad be forced into a placement before he’s ready or that he’s not happy with,
    without jeopardizing his future needs? No, but... if dad is in the hospital he may be
    charged $200 per day to remain there. He may also lose his panel date. Remember
    there are hundreds of seniors waiting for placements.

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