Two Ad Campaigns. Two Great Resources

Sometimes I watch commercials and see billboard campaigns but I don't really pay attention. However, these two current campaigns have lots to offer caregivers.

Many of us know what it is like to spend hours in emergency rooms with our elderly mom or dad. Unless you want your parent admitted to a hospital choose an alternative.

Take the time to look at this great site, It can save you hours of waiting in hospital emergency rooms. You can quickly find the nearest place to get the right medical care any time of day or night.

You may have seen these signs on billboards around the city but what do they mean? The Safe To Ask site can help you navigate the health system. The LEARN... TO BE SAFE page has great tools for caregivers. The Patient Advocate Form allows you to speak and act on behalf of the person you are caring for.  Also be sure to use the Medication Card and keep copies of this to share with doctors and other health providers.

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