October  Caregiver Workshops  

Half Day Seminar
November 8th- Seine River Retirement Home 1:00 - 4:30 pm Fee: $20.00

Full Course (5 evenings)
         Mondays October 20th - November 17th 7:00-8:30 pm
         Sturgeon Creek I Retirement Residence Fee: $40.00

To register contact Wendy at wherenext@shaw.ca.

What participants say: 

"I just wanted to thank you for the workshop you presented in Brandon on April 12th.  The information you have collected and prepared is invaluable.    For me, it was also a place of support.  It was comforting to know others are in the same position and in need of support too. "

Thanks for the Tip

As caregivers we often learn as we go. Looking back over the 8 years I've cared for my mom, I thankful for the tips I've picked up along the way.

Thanks for TIP #1. Expect Resistance
I'm thankful for the obstacles I ran into while trying to find care for my mom. Her family doctor's unwillingness to diagnose her dementia, resulted in TIP #1. Expect resistance where you least expect it. Always have a back up plan. If I'd  been prepared, I wouldn't have left his office without knowing where to turn. Now I know that a referral isn't needed to have a senior's physical an mental needs assessed. Just call the Geriatric Central Intake Line: 204.982.0140 for an appointment.

Thanks for TIP #2 Visit the Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat website often.
The Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat is part of the Manitoba department of Health, Healthy Living and Seniors. Add this website to your favorites because it is the place for caregivers to find  help. This is where seniors and caregivers can find the best information and publications about:
  • Caring for a Senior
  • Housing & Rent
  • Transportation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Safety and Security 
Thanks for TIP #3 Talk to other caregivers.
I'm so thankful for all the caregivers I've met. Only someone who is living the experience truly understands. It was through other caregivers that I learned about:
  • The Disability Tax Credit
  • Lab tests that can be done in the home
  • the Patient Advocate Form
Thanks for TIP #4 Carry Thank You Cards
Along the caregiving journey you will meet some angels. It might be the young fellow at the triage desk in Urgent Care who moves your 90 year-old parent to the front of the line. It might be the music therapist in your parent's personal care home. It might be the home care worker who goes the extra mile. Be sure to thank them all. A thank you note or card goes a long way to support those who work in a difficult system but still give us that personal touch when we need it.

I'd also like to say a special thanks to Julie Donaldson and the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition and Syva-lee Wildenmann and Rupert's Land Caregiver Services. These are the people who are working on the frontlines to support caregivers in Manitoba.  Please join us.
And a special thank you to my mother, Marjorie Bremner who taught me to speak my mind and to know when  "No" was an unacceptable answer. 

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