July/August - Be Aware

The following sites have valuable information on current health issues:

  • Choosing Wisely Canada
  • Healthy Debate
  • Dying With Dignity
  • End-of-Life Planning Canada

Choosing Wisely Canada

The Facts. As much as 30% of healthcare in Canada is unnecessary.

When it comes to your health, more medical tests, treatments and procedures are not always better. In fact, sometimes they’re unnecessary. Find out when you need medical tests, treatments and procedures — and when you don’t.

Talk to your doctor about what you need and what you don’t.
Four questions to ask your doctor:

 1) Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?

2) What are the downsides?

3) Are there simpler, safer options?
4) What happens if I do nothing?
Over 30% of residents in. Long term care are taking anti-psychotic drugs without a diagnosis of psychosis.

Healthy Debate

Canadians want to know more about the health care system that they care about, yet there are currently few places to go for factual, easy-to-understand information about the health care system. Healthy Debate fills this gap by providing comprehensive, unbiased information.
Here's an article worth reading. Why don’t doctors screen more for frailty?

Dying With Dignity 

Drive Change

The Supreme Court has spoken: Canadians facing unbearable suffering have the right to end their lives with the help of a physician. But now, small but noisy special interest groups are working to curtail your rights. We must act. Stand with the 84 per cent of Canadians who support compassion and choice at end of life.

Know Your Rights

You have choices. But all too often, overworked doctors and other healthcare providers don’t have the time to tell you about your full range of choices. Don’t be left in the dark: arm yourself with the right information to get the treatment you want and the peace of mind you need.

Find Support

If you have received a catastrophic diagnosis and want information about your end-of-life choices, a new independent charity called End-of-Life Planning Canada (ELPC) can help.

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