Summer 2017 Vacation Time

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Vacation Time

Caregivers need holidays. These are times we regenerate.
Find a stand-in, someone to take over your role while you are away. Someone to look after your parents’ basic needs, health and safety. Someone who will give you peace of mind.
Ideally, this will be a close family member. If you have siblings discuss your need for respite with them. Caregiving usually falls to the adult child who lives closest to the parent. Hopefully other family members are willing to support you and help you take a break. If that is not the case, move on to other solutions.
Sometimes all that's needed is a close neighbour or family friend who will drop in and make sure everything is ok. In more serious cases it's worth it to hire a private caregiver.
Many retirement homes in Manitoba offer short term stays.  A lovely residence with meals included can be an excellent option.  Often seniors are not aware that they have become isolated at home and they really enjoy the social life of the residence.  Many who were once reluctant to consider a move change their minds.
Organize your leave. Important information and documents should be accessible. Ideally your parents will have an up-to-date E.R.I.K. kit on the fridge. If a trip to the hospital is necessary, the caregiver or paramedics can just grab it and go.
It is advisable to give notice of your absence to the doctor, the home care case coordinator, the retirement residence or care home. Also you will want to leave instructions for your substitute and emergency contacts. Create letters that you can reuse whenever you are away.

Sometimes we just crave time alone in our own homes. Take a staycation. I once told everyone that I was thinking of going to the lake for a week and then I just stayed home. It was heaven. 

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