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TALC April 19, 2018

Presented by Wendy Sutton, Where Next? A Path for Caregivers to the Third Age Learning Co-Operative in Brandon, MB.
By 2026, over 2.4 million Canadians age 65+ will require family caregiving support —up 71% from 2011. Today we are likely to live our last 10 years with progressing medical issues. Our declining health will become a burden for us as well our families, friends and community.  How can we as caregivers and future care receivers take action to reduce the burden and improve the quality of care?
View the presentation here: TALC April 19, 2018
April 19, 2018

Practical Support for Caregivers

Presented by Wendy Sutton, Where Next? A Path for Caregivers
A PowerPoint presentation encouraging recognition, inclusion and empowerment of family caregivers by professionals in Community Programs, Prairie Mountain Health, Brandon, Manitoba.
Family caregivers provide up to 80% of the care for seniors in the community and 30% of the care for those in long term care. Caregivers who are supported with information and access to resources become valuable partners to health and community care professionals.
View the presentation here: Practical Support for Caregivers
November 7, 2014

The Caregiver Toolkit and Developing Supports for Employed Caregivers *
by Wendy Sutton and Marian Krawczyk

Supports for Employed Caregivers Final Report 
This report contains:
an analysis of the results of the Employed Caregiver Survey
specific practical steps to develop workplace supports for family caregivers
a list of Manitoba-specific supports for employed family caregivers

Caregivers in the Workplace A PowerPoint Presentation of the results of a confidential, web-based survey of family caregivers employed at two major Manitoba companies.

The goals of the Employed Caregiver Survey were to:
Better understand the effects of adult caregiving on the employees;
Become aware of community and/or organizational resources needed by employed caregivers
  within these two companies;
Identify ways these employers can support employed caregivers through changes in organizational
       policies and procedures.

The long term goals of the project:
Increased Support for Caregivers in the Workplace
              Models of workplace support for caregivers will be developed in Manitoba.
Increased Support for Caregivers through the Workplace
              Manitoba workplaces will become important links between caregivers and
               centralized access to information, education and resources.

*Developing Supports for Employed Caregivers was one of 14 national pilots presented in March at the Caregiver Toolkit Symposium in Toronto. The National Caregiver Toolkit Project was led by Dr. Penny MacCourt, University of Victoria, and sponsored by the British Columbia Psychogeriatric Association (BCPGA) with a contribution from the Government of Canada.


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