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Home Care
Home care services were established in Manitoba in September 1974.  The first of its kind, home care in Manitoba is the oldest comprehensive, province-wide, universal service in Canada.  It is publicly funded and publicly delivered.  Unlike most other provinces, there are no fees or income tests for Manitoba home care services.
However it is important to understand that individuals/families are responsible for their own health. Home care is a supplement to services available from family, community or other services.

View or download Your Guide to Home Care Services in Manitoba.
Self and Family Managed Care
Those needing home care also can also register for the Self and Family Managed Care Program that provides funds for family members to manage non-medical care services on their own. The Family Manager is responsible for coordinating, managing, and directing the non-professional services and staff needed by their family member to remain at home. Contact the Independent Living Resource Centre (204) 947-0194 or your RHA Home Care office.

Housing Options – Age and Opportunity has an excellent Housing Directory for Older Adults.
The directory includes information on Independent Living, Life Leasing, Assisted Living, Companion Care, Supportive Housing, Intermediate Personal Care and Personal Care Homes.


Parking Permit Program

People are eligible for the Permit even if they don't own a vehicle. The permit can be used for as long as the registered Permit holder is with the driver of the car.
A permit costs $15.00 and is valid for 3 years.
Applications are available on this SMD website as well as Doctors’ offices and MPI offices.

Note: The permit is for parking only! It is a traffic offense to drive with it on your rear view mirror (obscured vision).

MPI Medical Conditions and Driving - Look here if you are concerned about someone's ability to drive.

T.O.N.S. Transportation Options Network for Seniors

The goal of TONS is to promote mobility resources that are affordable and adequate for the needs of older Manitobans. This site informs and educates Manitobans on transportation options that enhance quality of life and promote age friendly communities.

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