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Trust Me. The Workshops Are Worth It.

I cared for my mom for 9 years. She and I shared quite a journey since she first showed signs of dementia. We've worked our way through the medical system and home care. We've gone from her apartment, to a retirement home and now to a personal care home. We've reorganized her finances and put her legal affairs in order. We've been through the paneling process, hospital visits and although we've met wonderful, helpful people along the way we had more than our share of obstacles.
Along the way I've learned so much often by chance, often during a crisis and often too late to help my mom. I want to share 7 years of information and experience with other caregivers. My hope is to make your journey smoother and your caregiving responsibilities less over-whelming.
I've been teaching these workshops and developing this website for 5 years now. What I can share is not just my personal experience but the results of hard research as well. The workshops are increasingly well-attended and  this website is now servicing 1000 visitors every month.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some comments from past participants:
  • This is an excellent course. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the subject, and delivers with a sense of humour. Each class has been informative and fun as well.
  • This is a program for caregivers, but also for anyone who has an aging parent. I feel empowered.
  • The work Wendy is doing is critical to both elders and their caregivers. I feel like I have a huge toolbox to help me carry on.
Note: There is a small workshop fee to cover the cost of materials and photocopies. This website is free to all.

Workshop Documents:

Health Care Directive Discussion Chart

Where Next? Program 
The program covers a wide variety of topics.
1. The Heart of the Issue
    The Canadian Caregiver
    Family Dynamics
    A Caregivers' Toolkit
2. Home Care, Housing and Transportation
    Residence Options, Paneling
    Transportation Options
    Home Care
3. Health Care
    Navigating the system
    Available services
4. Legal Issues
          Powers of Attorney
          Health Care Directives

5. Money Matters
    Estate Planning
    Tax Relief
        Primary Caregiver Tax Credit | Manitoba
Disability Tax Credit
        Eligible Medical Tax Exemptions
        Fraud, Scams, Financial Precautions


  1. Brandon Participant April 12, 201411:53 AM

    Phenomenal workshop! Thank you for all the information provided. Excellent handouts - printing forms and booklets off myself is sometimes difficult. So much to find out when you've never been through it. Brandon Participant April 12, 2014

  2. Brandon Participant April 12, 201411:55 AM

    This was absolutely fabulous - someone who has "been there". I will definitely recommend this presentation to others.

  3. Workshop Participant Feb. 1, 201412:01 PM

    I'm just in awe! at what a wonderful resource and blessing you are. Thank you seems hardly sufficient.

  4. Workshop participant Feb. 1, 201412:02 PM

    The information you have made available is wonderful to have before being in a crisis. Everyone should take time to spend this time with you!

  5. Workshop Participant November 201312:23 PM

    Far more information than I thought was available - Thank you! The time and energy you have given is very very much appreciated.

  6. Workshop Participant September 201312:24 PM

    I cannot thank you enough for having I did not know what to expect and I could not believe all the topics that you had covered in that 3 1/2 hour time frame. You are very thorough and very pleasant and thank you for all the pamphlets and for the 2 typed booklet sheets. You put a lot of your time and effort into these seminars and I certainly appreciate all that you do.

  7. Workshop Participant September 201312:24 PM

    Thank you! Now I don't feel alone anymore. And I won't beat myself up if I can't do it all or do it perfectly.
    To other caregivers, "Take this workshop at least once in your life. I plan to register several times."

  8. Workshop Participant January 201312:25 PM

    I wanted to thank you sooo much for the workshop last Saturday. On my way there I was grumbling about spending almost 4 hours on a Saturday at a workshop while my sister was out having fun. But the information was pure gold and your presentation style was engaging. So very worth my time!!

  9. Participant River Ridge April 22, 20179:08 PM

    Thank you so much Wendy for this workshop. It is so very timely and extremely helpful. I truly appreciate the materials and references you provided. This will definitely help me and mom move forward

  10. Participant River Ridge April 22, 20179:10 PM

    I am constantly directing people to your website for information